Matthias Hillner, who founded Studio for Virtual Typography, conducted a three-year study into the aesthetic qualities of time-based typography at the Royal College of Art in London. The results of this study are published in form of a book entitled as "Virtual Typography". Feel free to download your free PDF copy of the book, by clicking on to the cover on the left. A new study is now underway to uncover the relevance of intellectual property for design-led start-up businesses. Click on the design business link in the menu for further information.

We are offering one- and two-week workshops in the field of multimedia typography and motion graphics. The workshop schedule can be tailored towards the needs and preferences of your students. Unfortunately we cannot offer these services for free. However, we can guarantee a high level of student satisfaction. Workshops previously held in Vilnius, Lithuania, and Cairo, Egypt, revealed a satisfaction level of 95-100% amongst participants. The level of learning has always been impressive. Please get in touch if you are intersted.